2 Cooks in the Kitchen

Matthew and Kelly Cook provide easy to follow recipes, complete with videos, for many delicious dishes that will impress your family and friends. Many dishes are naturally gluten free and others can be made gluten free with simple substitutions.

When the 2 Cooks are out of the kitchen we can be found hiking in our local Redwood Forests or traveling in search of good food and drink. Recent travels include Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita and the Oaxaca Coast in Mexico as well as trips east across the Southwestern US and north up the Pacific Coast to Seattle, WA.

We have all our cooking videos on our Youtube Channel as 2 Cooks in the Kitchen. We have also made videos of our travel adventures which often include culinary tourism and cooking in other cultures. Matthew has had a lengthy career as a musician in Hawaii and Humboldt County, California and our Youtube channel also contains Matthew’s music videos.

Plate of chile relleno with Molé Colorado and Mexican Rice
Gluten Free Mexican Recipes
Chicken Curry made with Red Curry Paste
Gluten Free Curry Recipes
Persimmon Tart
More Gluten Free Recipes
Photo shows
Gluten Free Ethiopian Recipes
Photo shows a margarita beverage surrounded by ripe mangoes outside in a natural setting with flowers.
Beverage Recipes

We have worked hard to find authentic Mexican cuisine that highlights the rich flavors of chiles. Here you will find an array of molés and sauces that will delight the palate as well as some main dishes and sides.

Curry is a favorite food category of ours. We start with making Thai Curry Pastes and then use them in many recipes for good, healthy family meals. We also have some curries in the Indian style.

With a person with Celiac in the house we are always looking for ways to make gluten free cuisine that’s as tasty as any other. You can see the videos on our Youtube channel

The 2 Cooks explore Ethiopian cooking, starting with the staple flavors of Niter Kibbeh, Ethiopian Spiced, Clarified Butter and Berbere, Ethiopian spice paste. We will make Injera, Ethiopian Fermented Flatbread as well as traditional stews in this series.

We enjoy our cocktails and have several recipes to share. This page is still under construction, but we do have a few recipes available.

Photo shows a beautiful green salad decorated with edible flowers
Gluten Free Salads
Photo shows gluten free Cauliflower Crust Pizza
Gluten Free Main Dishes

We make all manner of gluten free salads frequently here at the 2 Cooks kitchen. Salads with lettuce, salads with kale, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, whatever we can think of. We like to make them look wonderful and we grow a lot of edible flowers just for that purpose.

The main dish is the star of your dinner party, whether it’s with family or friends. Here we bring you some creative ideas for making dinners that everyone can eat and enjoy. We’ll make gluten free food so good that everyone will want to eat it and nobody will miss the gluten.